34+ Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Home Look Bigger

SMALL BEDROOM IDEAS – Sometimes, we have no choice except to live in small city apartment with small bedroom. Seeing the small bedroom always makes you feel stuffed and the narrow wall gives you headache. Decorating small bedroom everywhere you put the furniture, the room will always uncomfortable and cluttered.
The main problem with redecoration small bedroom is the bed.

Large bed in small bedroom will automatically occupy all the space, but you cannot also sacrifice to have small bed to save the space. If you currently have small living space, here are some small bedroom ideas and tips to make it look bigger.

Small Bedroom Ideas and Tips

Photo by Marcus & Willers Architects

Light color paint

When it comes to make a small room looks bigger, the first rule is to use light color paint. The reason is simple, light color reflects the light and makes everything looks brighter. Avoid using darker color because it tends to absorb the light and make the room feels smaller. You can use light color for the wall and lighter shade for the trim. Using lighter shade for the trim than the walls creates optical illusion. This trick makes the walls feel farther away and gives roomier feeling.

Moreover, color coordination is also very important in redesigning small bedroom. Instead of using light color, you can also use monochromatic paint colors to create illusion of more space. Be sure to avoid painting the room with opposite or different colors because it will segment off the room and makes it feel smaller.

Another interesting trick with painting is to use dark or bold color for the ceiling. The bold color will draw the attention toward the ceiling and it gives the illusion of height. This works great if you want to create an illusion of higher ceiling

Space-saving furniture

Even though optical illusion is great, but not every bedroom can works with color coded. One obvious option to make a small room looks bigger is to work with the furniture. The rules to place furniture in small bedroom is simple, the less future makes the room looks bigger. If you cannot fit in a bed and cupboard in one small bedroom, you can omit the cupboard and use storage under the bed. There are lots of bed styles with storage beneath to save spaces.

Less is more

The main rule of designing small bedroom is the less furnishing means more. All you need is one bedroom, a side table or two, and one storage. The less furniture that you have means the more space in the room. Be creative with storage to maximize the free space in the room.

Coordinate carefully

Another trick to make the small space looks bigger is the coordination of the furniture. You cannot just put a table or storage somewhere in the room, but you need to consider the horizontal or vertical path. Coordinating the furniture in either horizontal or vertical is great, but be sure not to mix it because it will segment the room.

Be careful with drapes

If you use drapes for the bedroom, make sure that it does not touch the floor. Too long drapes until it pool on the floor will makes the space looks smaller. It is also important to stick to lighter color of drapes and stay away from dark color. If you cannot work with drapes, it is better to leave it behind. Remember, less is more.

Skip bulky bed frame

The bed is crucial furniture that you need to consider when decorating a small bedroom. Instead of using a bulky bed frame, you can choose the slim frame one. Bulky furniture will make the room feel stuffed. If it is possible, you can skip the frame and get down to the floor.

If you insist to use bed frame, make sure to ditch the bed skirt and let the bed leg exposed. This is one of optical illusion to make the room look spacious. It is also a great way to make sure that the space under the bed should always looks clean.

Keep the d├ęcor simple and minimalist

When you have small bedroom, the focal point is obviously is the bed. So, it is better to keep the furniture and accessories simple and minimalist. You can choose the sleek furniture with built-in storage. The built in storage is a great way to maximize storage even though they are likely not even in the room.

Use mirrors

Mirror creates the illusion of bigger room in small space. This is because mirror reflects the light from the window and makes everything looks brighter. It is also a great way to get loads of natural light for the bedroom. If it is possible you can also add some windows to make the room looks brighter and wider.

Live vertically

In case you have higher ceiling but the floor space is limited, you can consider living vertically. This surely is not the option for everyone, but if you do not mind climbing to bed every night, you can use the vertical bedroom design.

Wall storage or wall niche

The problem with living in small space is storage. Instead of using a big cupboard, you can use the floating wall storage. You can also use wall niche which is a hollow in drywall that you can use for storage without occupy much space on the floor. Another way to add more storage is using the built-in shelving on bedding. The shelve is built around the bed and also serves as bedside table. This is a great way to stay minimalist on furniture option.

The main important factor when it comes to small bedroom is to leave some empty space. You do not need to fill all spaces with furniture or accessories. Just leave the space as it is to create the illusion of bigger bedroom. Another important thing is to make sure that the room in uncluttered. Always organize everything, even for the small accessories, and do not just throw things around. Clean and uncluttered space will makes the room feels bigger and more spacious.

Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Home Look Bigger

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