21 Modern Bedroom Ideas For a Perfect Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the crucial rooms in our house. It is a place to rest, relax, and sleep. It is your room to store personal items, memorabilia, and things. It is a place to go when you want to hide from the world. It is your sanctuary. That’s why your bedroom should be comfy and inviting. It doesn’t have to be covered in expensive things but it would be great if you can increase the aesthetic appeal and visual effect.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to decorate their bedroom. Some people are clueless about what to do with their bedroom. No need to worry, though. There are some simple but great modern bedroom ideas that can seriously affect your bedroom without you having to spend a fortune.

Modern Bedroom Ideas

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Be Bold and Creative

Being bold doesn’t mean that you should be dramatic or too much when designing your bedroom. You don’t have to choose neon colors just to make a statement. You don’t necessarily have to buy an antique Victorian armchair for the bedroom furniture either. You should go with simple stuff, but most importantly, you should choose the style that represents yourself and your characteristics.

For a starter, don’t be afraid to mix and match prints. Most people may believe that choosing similar and matching prints is the best. Well, it is, but it can be boring after a while. If you want to try something different or you want to make a statement, clash different prints. For instance, having a geometric bed cover is looking great when paired with stripes pillow covers. Even with patterned headboard, the overall effect is stunning and somewhat chic.

Mixing colors is also possible. A dark navy headboard is surprisingly looking fresh when combined with pink pastel pillows and cream bed cover. If you want to go with a more neutral tone, you can choose a cream wall color, paired with red headboard, ivory bed cover and black window pane (which is located next to the bed).

Having different elements can also create a fresh visual flair, which is good if you expect a modern outcome. Wooden wall (with its natural color) will be great when combined with navy or blue headboard covered in leather. Simple linen pillows with a cozy furry-like blanket can deliver a cozy effect.

One of the most important things in modern bedroom ideas is to keep it simple and minimal. Even with the clash of prints or textures, you won’t make too much effect if you choose simple hues or colors. It’s okay to have another bold color but keep it only one color. In the scheme above, the blue leather headboard is the example.

Lighting Considerations

A floor lamp or bedside lamp is a common thing in bedroom design. However, if you want to implement modern style, consider choosing different kinds of lamps. Instead of the bedside lamp, for instance, why not having a hanging pendant light? This will create a unique focal point in the bedroom design. You can also choose the wall sconce lights to save up space. Depending on your preference, you can choose the classic type or the modern one.

Some people are going too much with ‘some basic standard’. For example, most people believe that chandeliers aren’t for the bedroom. Or floor lamps and bedside lamps are the must-have in the bedroom. You need to understand that there is no such a strict thing when it comes to interior design. You are free to do whatever you want as long as you can create a balanced and harmonious effect.

Let’s say that you want to have a glam theme in the bedroom, and you are thinking about using a compact modern chandelier. As long as the other elements are supporting the scheme, then feel free to install the chandelier to gain the desired result.

Dark Color Is Okay

Most people believe that dark color isn’t appropriate for the bedroom because it will make space look dark and gloomy. However, dark hue can create an elegant, even glam, effect if you know how to do it right. You can choose dark gray to create a peaceful and soothing room.

If you want to add a little glam effect, go with midnight blue. To balance out the dark effect, you should include mirrored furniture. Gold or white accents can also balance out the color. If you want the simplicity, go with white accent. For glam effect, go with gold.

If dark color isn’t your thing, manage a clever color palette. One tip among modern bedroom ideas is to include bold color in the neutral hues. If you are a pastel-color type of person, choose one bold hue to make a statement. You can have an all blue pastel room, for example, so go with the red dresser or red armchair couch to make a focal point. A colorful painting can also be great to introduce another bold hue to the design.

Go with Basic Minimalist

There is nothing wrong minimalistic design. If you think that being minimalist is boring, then you haven’t tried the design. Industrial theme is one of the many modern bedroom ideas that can create an instant contemporary feel. Everything is metal except for the wooden floor, which is kept in the natural hue.

One example is to have a black low profile bed (with a white sheet and cream bed cover), a neutral gray rug, matching black bedside tables, and metal chair covered in cozy fur cloth. There is not much furniture in the room but the overall palette is covered in black and white.

Even if you like the basic white color, it can be stylish and chic. You can choose fluffy pillows, cream fur throw covers, and gray rugs for the bedroom. There are different colors but with almost similar hues and shades. The overall design and management are simple and yet it isn’t boring. In fact, it is somewhat relaxing, peaceful, and cozy.

Basically, you can combine different kinds of patterns, colors, materials, and elements to create a stunning effect without overdoing it. The main key in modern bedroom ideas is to keep it simple and functional – and don’t forget to throw in your personality in the design.

Modern Bedroom Ideas For a Perfect Bedroom

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