33+ Colorful and Fun Kids Bathroom Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

Kids Bathroom Ideas – It is important to provide a good bathroom for your kids. You are not only providing a health bathroom, but you also have to make sure that it looks adorable. Somehow, you can remodel your kid’s bathroom in your own way.

There are a lot of amazing kids bathroom ideas that you can try for remodeling. If you really want to remodel your kid’s bathroom with something new, then you may read these following tips and examples of kids bathroom ideas.

Tips and Examples of Kids Bathroom Ideas

Photo by Cindy Ridgway, BHHS Fox & Roach Realtors

Hello Kitty Themed Bathroom

It is undeniable that kids really like Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is a cartoon character that looks so cute and adorable. So, you can convert your kid’s bathroom into an amazing hello kitty themed bathroom with pink and white accent.

Simply, you can paint the bathroom wall in white and pink accent. Meanwhile, you can add some Hello Kitty images around the bathroom.

All White Themed Bathroom

Another cool kids bathroom idea that brings simplicity and beauty comes with all white theme. In this case, you do not need to have a lot of changes on the wall and floor accent. You can just use the white accent on the wall and the floor. Somehow, if you want to add more colors, then you can try to put some colorful items on the bathroom racks.

Yellow Duck Bathroom Idea

Kids really love cute things and toys. Simply, if you cannot buy some toys for your kids, you can actually put the toys on the bathroom concept. In this case, let us say that you choose Yellow Duck as the character in which you can put a big yellow duck image on the bathroom wall with a white background. Then, you can complete the bathroom with some items such as bathtub, beautiful sink, and showers.

Beautiful Dark Bright Bathroom

When remodeling a bathroom for kids, it does not mean that you always use a white accent to get a bright theme. In fact, you can also combine the dark theme and the white theme for the bathroom. In this concept, you only need to change the color of the wall into black while you keep the floor white. In addition, you can put a large blue cabinet near the wall with some cute decorations around the bathroom.

Monkey’s Themed Bathroom

You have to realize that kids really like animal images on their bathroom. Somehow, if you have no idea what animal image to choose, then a monkey can be the best choice. This monkey themed bathroom really looks adorable with its colorful wallpaper style. You can decorate every corner of the bathroom with monkey images. But, make sure you combine several accents in the bathroom.

Colorful Kids Bathroom Idea

Instead of animal images or cartoon characters, kids also love colorful things. Well, you may try a colorful themed bathroom that looks amazing for a modern bathroom. If you have a large bathroom for kids, you can repaint the wall accent with some colors such as red, yellow, blue, and green. This combination makes the atmosphere look more alive. Meanwhile, you can add some bathroom items in different colors too.

Minecraft Bathroom Theme

Most kids really like Minecraft that looks so adorable with various colors. Anyway, why don’t you try to remodel your kid’s bathroom with this cool stuff? The Minecraft bathroom theme is really easy to make. Let us say that you choose a blue accent for the wall and combine it with a white accent. Then, the Minecraft theme is taken from the Minecraft items that you just put inside the bathroom. You can arrange the Minecraft toys in every corner of the bathroom.

Beautiful Girls’ Bathroom

You must have a different concept for your daughter’s bathroom that must look adorable and look cute. There are so many bathroom ideas for your girl, you may apply the simple concept heart bathroom theme that looks colorful and beautiful. You just need to use a white background and then put some beautiful and colorful patterns on the wall.

Nautical Bathroom Theme

Nautical bathroom theme is also a good choice when you want to make your kids impressed. Nautical themed bathroom uses a blue background and then you just have to draw some sea species on the wall such as turtles, fishes, sea horse, and much more. You can also combine it with other accents like a green bathtub, pink sink, and yellow floor.

Go Green Bathroom Idea

The next kid’s bathroom idea that can make your kids feel impressed is a go green bathroom that looks so greeny and natural. In this case, you only need to use green concept and light blue accent on its wall. The green accent comes from the beautiful tree drawings on the wall while the light blue resembles the sky. Anyway, this bathroom theme really looks so fresh and adorable to pamper your kid’s eyes.

Bright Kids Bathroom Idea

Another cool bathroom idea for your kids uses some bright lamps to add more lights. Meanwhile, you can still use some different accents on the bathroom in which you can paint the wall with blue color. You can also add a small mirror on the wall with double sinks. In this case, you can put the lamps above the mirror so it will look harmonious.

Interesting Girls’ Bathroom

If you have a large bathroom for your girl, you can make it look awesome with a simple concept. In this case, you do not need to do a lot of changes to the bathroom. Simply, you can repaint the wall with a blue accent while you can still use a white accent for the floor. The most important part is to provide a very large mirror on the wall with several lights above it. This bathroom also has a large cabinet and storage to keep your kid’s items safe.

Animal Themed Bathroom

There are a lot of animal theme kids bathroom ideas that you can try to apply. But, this concept can be the easiest one to be projected. You can build a small bathroom for your kids and just draw the wall with some animal images. You can also give a large curtain with beautiful animal decorations.

If you want to make the atmosphere look harmonious, then you can put a large white bathtub inside the bathroom. Finally, the blue rug can make the nuance look more outstanding and natural.

Colorful and Fun Kids Bathroom Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

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