30 Stylish Gray Living Room Ideas To Inspire You

GRAY LIVING ROOMS – Many homeowners assume that gray is a pale color and has a degrading impact on a room. Therefore many people avoid using gray living rooms ideas and prefer other, brighter colors. Actually, gray is a color that represents modern and simple.

Using Gray Color in Modern Living Room

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The Color Combination

Gray is one of the colors that can be combined with any color to create a beautiful, soft, dramatic and modern look. Therefore, try starting to create this color into your minimalist living room and don’t be afraid of the color combinations chosen because the gray color can not only be combined with neutral colors.

With a variety of creativity, gray color can give different impressions. Create a dramatic look in your minimalist living room with a blend of gray and blue. Paint the wall with gray and use dark blue sofas. Use some decorative elements such as carpets and pillows to make a more beautiful look in your gray living room.

The gray living room will look fresher if you put yellow in there. You can use yellow table and sofa or chairs. You can put paintings on one side of the wall of your minimalist living room.

The touch of pastel colors in the gray living room can give a softer and warmer feeling. This color is suitable for you who use the living room as well as the family room. The light colors and gray are a great combination to be used in the living room.

Gray can also be combined with other colors, such as white. You can use a white stool as an option in your living room. You can also place ornamental plants in the room to beautify and make the living room look fresher.

The Application of Gray Color On A Living Room

From a psychological point of view, gray is known as a color that is not emotional and calm. Gray is a blend of black and white, which is a transitional color that does not side with both. That is, gray can be seen as black, because of the dramatic and mysterious elements.

Conversely, gray can also look like bright white or silver and make the living room seem more alive. Using gray in the living room and family can make your time together with family and relatives more enjoyable, and still feel calm.

If you like gray and want to apply this color to your living room, it seems to be the right choice. The gray color will give you a calm feeling and it is suitable to be applied to your modern living room.

This color will give the impression of being mature, elegant and modern. However, you also have to be careful when applying this color. Too much gray will create a dark and gloomy impression.

You need a well-lit living room. As a neutral color that tends to be dark, gray is indeed more suitable for use on living room walls that have good lighting. The light in the living room can come from sunlight or lights.

Make sure your living room has a large window or is equipped with several lights. Poor light quality will make your gray living room very boring and make you feel uncomfortable to be in the room.


As a color that is often used in modern minimalist living rooms, the selection of furniture also has a large influence on the impression that will be created in a living room. The simplicity of the sofa can be seen in several aspects, including the outer material motif used, and the shape. Choose a sofa with a simple shape.

Some people want to use the carpet in their living room. Remember, your living room design concept is a modern living room so you have to use a carpet with a modern design. One option that you can consider is the gray geometric carpet motif that will strengthen the minimalist effect on the room.

You also have to consider the amount of furniture that you will use. You should only place the furniture that you really need in your gray living room.

You might be able to place a low cabinet and use one medium-sized sofa that can be used by 3 to 4 people. The cabinet you can use to store several objects and at the same time, you can use to put some small jars and lamps.

A mirror is one of the ornaments that can make your living room more spacious. This can also improve room lighting. You can put a mirror opposite the window. The mirror placed opposite the window can reflect light from the outside so the living room seems brighter and wider. Use a mirror with black, white, or in accordance with the color of one of the furniture you are using.

Books can also be used as one of the ornaments in interior design. Your book collection can also be displayed as an attractive accent to beautify the living room. Choose a bookshelf that also fits the concept of your living room. If you use a low cabinet, you can put a few books on it and put a small bookcase next to the sofa.

Before you turn your wall to gray, you should pay attention to your floor. Use gray in a room with wood or ceramic floors with bright colors. Avoid using gray in a room with dark or patterned tiles. The combination of gray walls and dark or patterned floors will make your living room seem narrow. Also, avoid using wallpaper on the wall.

Typograhic posters and black and white photos are great for gray wall. Use different size of both of them and manage them carefully. You can see the best placement examples over the internet.

Some people have specific interest on bands, figures, or even brands; don’t use them or you will ruin your living room. You can put your personal interest in your bed room, but not the living room. Make sure that the gray living rooms ideas are the ideas that you really want and fit to your home design.

Stylish Gray Living Room Ideas To Inspire You

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