32+ Gorgeous Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas for Your Home

Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas – Undoubtedly, farmhouse styles always tempt us to give them a shot. In our mind, it’s a perfect fit for any families as it will create a wonderful environment. Farmhouse will never get old. You may apply it for years and you still love it.

Now, we will talk about the farmhouse living room décor. A living room is an essential part of our house. It is the main room where we welcome guest, held a party and family gathering. Hence, we prioritize it instead of other rooms.

List of Some Gorgeous Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

We made a list of some gorgeous ideas. Sit back, relax and check them out!

Pale colors

The ordinary character of farmhouse style is using neutral colors or organic materials. At present, you can improve it with modern upgrades. It will please you as the owner. But, if your room needs total revolution, some changes have to be done cautiously.

Comfortable farmhouses

To be honest, rustic is not the only option. Modern homeowners start to open the interior so the light gets in easily. The combination of comfortable furnishings and light, plus vertical shiplap will deliver a fantastic farmhouse feel.

Eclectic Farmhouse

One thing we love from farmhouse style is its adaptability. We can combine it flawlessly with other decor ideas trends. For example, you can put in a modern sofa, round tables and classic benches for old-school look.

Wood Ceiling

It is better for you to let them, the living rooms, “speak”. The organic materials will do it perfectly. Take a look at some designs and you will get ideas. If you prefer a modern look, it is strongly recommended using simple decoration and furnishes. As a result, they will “tell” your style.

Traditional Farmhouse

Old-fashioned people like simplicity and comfort. Nevertheless, be smart in selecting the ceilings and materials. Cheap materials may get you save your cash. Bear in mind that you check the quality.

Monochromatic Farmhouse

How if my living room is already applied a contemporary-style? No worries. You can use shiplap to change the look. Put it around the fireplace, reclaimed timber beams, plus tonal furniture and accessories. Believe us, some tiny details are able to change the overall appearance.

Industrial Farmhouse

For most farmhouses, simplicity is the key. But you can do a U-turn. Apply modern furniture, metal barstools and visible stove pipes; we are sure they will up to the task.

Contemporary Farmhouse

When you feel farmhouse is too conventional, you can combine it with contemporary designs. Design your ceilings properly and add some modern furniture will be fantastic answers.

New Construction

If you are lucky, you may get an historical house and use traditional farmhouse style. But, if you don’t, you can incorporate some hallmark stuff like a beamed ceiling, paned windows, and a large stone fireplace. It will turn your new house in to a classic farmhouse yet in modern style. Amazing!

Outdoors Style

Nature is a big part in our life. You can instill the idea into your décor ideas. More often than not, some designs or theme are repeated over time and natural theme is not an exception. The usage of organic materials like live plants or stunning flowers will give a free area and unrestricted by transferring the outdoors inside.


The lack of the wood stock recently makes shiplap paneling becomes the best answer. It is one of the simplest methods to bring a brand new style into your home. In choosing the panel, consider the nicks and scrapes. They duplicate the classic look and bring to mind a sense of history.

Farmhouse Colors

It is the basic principle in farmhouse decoration. Their key colors are pale blue and white. On the top of your list, there should be light and fresh color palettes. They are great for farmhouse-style living rooms. If you dislike white, then go for light grey and warm oatmeal. They will deliver a simple and straightforward look.

Authentic Features

History things can make a farmhouse style looks so appealing and cozy. You need antiques and historical things like: classic cabinets, vintage television, or traditional cupboard. If you can’t find them or their price is skyrocketing, you can go for the replicas. No one will notice them except the experts. As simple as that!

Tufted Sofa

Decoration is a matter of creativity. You can play them and perform any look you wanted to. It starts from classic style up to futuristic theme, anything you can think of. Based on the specific decoration you can get both comfortable and tailored traditional rooms.

Barn Doors

Yes! It is the face of your house. They will deliver a traditional farm feel for any spaces. In addition, they will save vast space for small rooms. Furthermore, you can apply an open-concept floor plan. Believe it or not, In some cases, double barn doors sometimes are better than single barn door!

One of our nearest neighbors has long-loved the farmhouse look. We love his everlasting design. It hasn’t changed since we were in high school. So, which one do you like, the rustic style or modern style? You have the final say. Nevertheless, you can combine both styles. As we previously stated, creativity is all you need.

In our opinion, industrial farmhouse is just perfect! You get both classic and modern style in one package. If you need some more ideas, just go to Pinterest. There are tons of ideas you can grab for free.

Those are what we have in our tank. What do you think about them? Frankly speaking, when we talk about farmhouse living rooms, we prefer neutrals colors like pale blues, light greens or whites.

However, we know you have your own preference. As a result, if you have any comments, ideas or even questions, we will gladly receive them. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. You can start from your favorite elements of farmhouse style like colors, furniture, etc. What are you waiting for? Go for it!

Gorgeous Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas for Your Home

1. Central Valley Ranch

Photo by SUBU Design Architecture

2. Hinsdale Showhouse

Photo by Cynthia Lynn Photography

3. Rhinebeck Renovation

Photo by Kristina Dousharm Architecture PLLC

4. St Luke’s Mews

Photo by Domus Nova

5. Spring Parade of Homes House

Photo by Judith Balis Interiors

6. Sonoma Farmhouse

Photo by Bart Edson Photography

7. Alamo, CA. Farmhouse

Photo by LMK Interiors

8. Royal Oaks Design

Photo by AIBD – American Institute of Building Design

9. Senoia Farmhouse

Photo by Historical Concepts

10. Fireplace with Beaumont Stove

Photo by Tulipalo Exceptional Fires

11. Farmhouse Living Room

12. Love Residence

Photo by Scandinavian Hardwoods

13. Beautiful Atlanta

Photo by David Cannon Photography

14. Burney Project

Photo by MG Designs Austin LLC

15. Villa di Cascada

Photo by Billie & Co.

16. Great Room

Photo by Joseph Farrell Architecture

17. Tupper Lake Residence

Photo by Dillon Kyle Architects (DKA)

18. 64th Place

Photo by Rafterhouse

19. Mill Valley Bungalow

Photo by Artistic Designs for Living

20. Franklin, TN Estate

Photo by William Johnson Architect

21. Tiny House

Photo by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

22. Modern Farmhouse in Altadore

Photo by Trickle Creek Designer Homes

23. Beautiful Modern Southern Farmhouse

Photo by Beautiful Modern Southern Farmhouse

24. Modern Farmhouse

Photo by Endura Performance Homes

25. Westmoor Interior

Photo by Sophie Metz Design

26. Canyon Oak

Photo by JWT Associates

27. Shores of Green Fern

Photo by RemWhirl Architecture & Landscape Design

28. Redding Cottage and Barn

Photo by Blansfield Builders, Inc.

29. Blansfield Builders, Inc.

Photo by JMA (Jim Murphy and Associates)

30. Burton Farmhouse

Photo by Jennifer M. Ramos

31. Meadowdale

Photo by JPStyles

32. Country Living Room

33. Farmhouse style home

Photo by KSF Architects

34. Living Room

Photo by Pike Properties

35. Library/Living Room

Photo by Paragon Custom Builders

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