35 Smart And Stylish Garden Screening Ideas to to Transform Your Garden

Garden Screening Ideas – Making friends with your neighbours can be a lot of fun, but sometimes everyone needs a little bit of privacy. That’s where having a garden screen and a handy selection of garden screening ideas comes in handy.

A garden screen is a delicate way to create privacy in your garden without building a wall. Most garden screens even come with slats that allow light to gently filter into the garden. This gives you the best of both worlds, a well-lit garden that is also private.

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Is a Garden Screen a Good Fit for You?

Garden screening is a good option for a variety of outdoor spaces. However, before you install it in your backyard you should check with your planning office first about local regulations. Some councils have particular regulations about fences and if they interpret the screen as a fence, they may not allow it.

Even regions that do allow fences may have height regulations. It is much better to check in with the local planning office before you go out and buy one. That way, you will know well before you head to the shops whether or not you are allowed to have a screen and if so the correct height.

Beyond the local regulations, the other main factor which will determine if garden screening is right for you is the reason you need it. A garden screen is great for privacy but if you want to protect your property or create a solid, visible division then a fence or garden wall may be better suited to the job.

What Are the Benefits of Garden Screening?

Privacy is the primary reason that most people opt to install a garden screen in their home. Even when you like your neighbours sometimes it is nice to enjoy your yard without them peering over the fence.

Plus, a garden screen can also offer a degree of noise control. It will muffle your and your neighbours’ conversations. There’s no need for either of you to have to hear each other’s conversations with such harsh clarity.

Another top benefit of a garden screen is its aesthetic. Installing a screen will create an enchanting focal point in your outdoor living space. If your garden is mostly flat, installing a screen will help to break it up and create a new sense of depth.

Then don’t forget – you can also use it to augment the garden itself by hanging plants on it or weaving in vines. Check out the garden screening ideas section below to find out more!

Installing Your Garden Screen – Step by Step

The installation process for a garden screen depends on the type of screen that you purchase. Different kinds of screens will require different processes. In some cases, installing a garden screen is as simple as unrolling it and putting it up but then again some screens are a bit more complex.

if your garden screen requires a little more labour, don’t fret. Simply follow these steps to effectively install it in your home:

Step 1: Find the Perfect Spot

Garden screens are often placed alongside the patio seating area. When placed here they can provide shade from the sunlight as well as a highly effective barrier. However, this isn’t the only spot where you can place them. For instance, if you have a particularly tall fence that you dislike, placing a screen in front of it will refresh the aesthetic.

Step 2: Dig Holes for Your Posts

If your posts will be supporting a relatively heavy bit of weight you will need to dig holes that are deep enough to firmly anchor the screen. To do this, dig holes that will cover about 1/3 of the length of the post.

Step 3: Pour the Concrete and Place the Poles

The last thing you want is for your posts to wobble around loosely in the soil. To prevent this, place your posts in the holes and then pour concrete around them. When the concrete sets the poles will be securely in place.

Step 4: Check the Height and Level While the Concrete Is Still Wet

Once your poles are placed in the concrete filled holes it is time to check their height and level. You must do this before the concrete is set or your poles could end up being uneven. If they are uneven the screen might not be able to attach correctly.

Step 5: Cover up the Holes and Install the Screen

After the concrete has set you will need to cover up the holes with dirt. This will cohesively blend the area around the poles with the surrounding ground cover.

Now that the holes surrounding the poles are all covered up, it’s time to install the screen. If you have a metal or wooden screen, to install it you will have to screw brackets onto the poles. These brackets will then attach to the screen itself and hold it securely in place.

35 Smart And Stylish Garden Screening Ideas to to Transform Your Garden

1. Hyde Vale

Photo by John Davies Landscape

2. Outdoor Structures

Photo by Elise Landscapes & Nursery, LLC

3. Backyard Cottages

Photo by Sogno Design Group

4. Backyard Cottages 2

Photo by Sogno Design Group

5. Outdoor Entertainment

Photo by 317Grow

6. College Crescent

Photo by John Davies Landscape

7. Classico Patio

8. Magnolia Residence- Hillside Renovation

Photo by Kim Rooney Landscape Architecture

9. Formal Garden Room

Photo by The Todd Group

10. Secret Gardens

Photo by Oliver Design Associates

11. Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Photo by Casa Smith Designs, LLC

12. College Crescent

Photo by John Davies Landscape

13. Elegance in Design

Photo by SURROUNDS Landscape Architecture + Construction

14. 35 Chesilton

Photo by nu:builds

15. Northwest Patios

Photo by Kim Rooney Landscape Architecture

16. Garden Design, Calton Avenue, 4

Photo by Kate Eyre Garden Design

17. Bedford Gardens House

Photo by Nash Baker Architects

18. Scarsdale Renovation

Photo by Legacy Construction Northeast LLC

19. The Garden Gallery

Photo by Cool Gardens Landscaping Ltd

20. JD Garden, Hillsborough

Photo by Steve Masley Consulting and Design

21. Upper East Side Townhouse

Photo by VGC NYC Inc.

22. Garden Design in Wimbledon, 1

Photo by Kate Eyre Garden Design

23. Past Projects

Photo by Past Projects

24. Dulwich§

Photo by C P Landscapes

25. Zen Inspired Garden, Bradley Stoke

Photo by Katherine Roper Landscape & Garden Design

26. Garden

Photo by Lucy Cotes’ Beautiful Gardens

27. Clapham Family Garden

Photo by Cameron Landscapes and Gardens

28. West London Courtyard

Photo by KR Garden Design

29. garden in the sun

Photo by CATO creative Ltd

30. Sea Cliff

Photo by The Garden Route Company

31. Front Yard/Back Yard/Pool Landscapes

Photo by Construction Landscape, LLC.

32. Water Rill Garden, East Riding

Photo by Lizzie Tulip Garden Design

33. Battersea, home office

Photo by London Garden Rooms

34. Lizzie Tulip Garden Design

Photo by Red Images Fine Photography

35. London Garden Rooms

Photo by The Brickman Group, Ltd

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