33+ Beautiful Bohemian Bedroom Decor to Inspire You

Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas – Beauty, culture, style and uniqueness are just some of the few reasons people want to introduce Bohemian decoration into their living rooms. From the French word “gypsy,” people who embellish their homes in a Bohemian style are not afraid to introduce new colors, new styles and art. Here are Bohemian décor tips to guide you.

Tips to Turn your Living Room into a Bohemian Décor Haven

Vary Texture

Since Bohemian is all about freedom of style, why be different? Throw in a variety of live plants, classic tables, Asian themed flooring and lots of art. Decide how many pieces of art you can hung on the wall without cluttering your home. Throw in some linen next to the windows. Invest in artistic sofas and anything else that screams beauty your home. Look at this pictures to get an idea.


Possibly the best way to say you love Bohemian is to bring all your favorite plants in the living room. Of course we are talking about those living plants that survive in an interior setting. Your favorite flowers can be a good start. But an even better idea is to purchase a terrarium where you can house real plants in your living room.

Once you get to that point where you have more plants in the house than all your neighbors, you are Bohemian by blood. Take a look at this lovely photo.

Bright Colors

There is a reason more moms love Bohemian than men-it’s the colors. True Bohemian is all about beautifying your living space with lots of colorful items. However, modern Bohemian is artistic. Nowadays what you see in people’s living rooms is a mix of striped pillows, lighting structures that display a mix of pink, red and yellow finishing and a lot of plants as we earlier said.

Laid Back Low Seats

One of the defining features of a true Bohemian home can be seen in furniture. A Bohemian furniture style comprises of laid back beds and seats. They look classic, wooden and little says contemporary about them. Yet, they look fabulous in their own way.

Some people do choose to mix new style furniture with old furniture, however. It’s Bohemian anyway-add your own uniqueness. Look at these pictures to get an idea of the type of furniture you should be looking out for.

Buy Handmade Items

Uniqueness is part and parcel of a Bohemian home. Embrace handmade items if you want to be unique. From textile to your art collection, rugs to sculpture-invest in handmade items. Rarely do you find two handmade items that look completely identical. And that’s what makes them great for Bohemian decoration. Take a look at this picture to get an idea of what you should look out for.

Add Lots of Artwork and Pictures

If you love Bohemian, there is a big chance you love art work. If not art, you are addicted to selfies. You must love either. Add your favorite art collection on your wall. Add your collectibles from your last trip. Throw in some lighting and sculptures to give you home a Moroccan feel.

Converting Simple Rooms to Modern Bohemian Bedroom Styles

Looking for something modern but unique that’s why not to go for modern Bohemian bedroom styles? Yes! This is the one style that you can easily adopt for your bedroom at economical rates. You can do it yourself by utilizing some old fabric as well as old things to give your room a modernized look.You can upgrade your bedroom with Boho style by adopting following easy ways.

Use of Colorful Rug

Rugs totally change the overall look of the floor. If you don’t have arug in your room or the older one is just of
one color than you can replace it with something unique but colorful. Add a dash of color and texture to your floor by using the bright colored rugs. You can choose aPersian or Turkish rug to give the vibrant effect to your room. For thecomfy and classy look, you can use black and white colored rugs.

Ways for Trinket Storage

The modern bohemian bedroom provides you the new fascinating way for storage of your stuff. You can store your books and Jewellery in a stylish way. It will give your room some decorative look, as well as your all stuff, will be maintained properly. Use some hexagonal or triangle shelves to place books or decoration pieces.

Use some natural branches of tree and place in proper place to hang your Jewellery items. Isn’t it exciting, especially for decorating your daughter’s bedroom?

Use of Indoor Plants

Boho style encourages the placement of the fresh green plants in the bedroom to provide the fresh effect to the room. the method of placement is somewhat different. Use the hanging pots or lockers to place the plants. Hang the plant in the middle of the glass window. Common plants you can use for decoration purpose are

  • Cacti
  • Succulents
  • Palms
  • Fiddle leaf figs

Use of Special Bed and Pillow Covers

Boho styles widely depict the color. If you are adding some colors to the floors and walls then it is also good to add colors to your bed as well. Use of the vibrant colored bed sheets will definitely give the amazing look of your room.

Along with the bed covers you can use special bohemian art pillow covers and quilts to make a perfect bohemian combination with your room. you can sue thefollowing type of patterned bed covers

  • Mandela
  • Aztec
  • Wood block
  • Tribal

Add Special Bohemian Effect by Using Bed Frames

Another amazing way to add the bohemian effect to your bedroom is the use f special bed frames that depict the Boho art. You can use the dark brown colored frame or the rustic metallic frame to decorate your bed. If you have the big bedroom than you can use the canopy type frame to add afun effect to your room.

With all the fabulous stuff another appealing way to give a bohemian style to your room is the hanging of colorful fabric on your wall. Hope you got the idea. Enjoy having the new modern bohemian bedroom.

Beautiful Bohemian Bedroom Decor to Inspire You

1. S. Park gorgeous

Photo by colorado drum coffee tableM. Swabb Decor + Style

2. Camp-Inspired Bohemian Bedroom

Photo by Mackenzie Collier Interiors

3. Interior Design – Open Plan Living

Photo by Tribe Creative London

4. Jen Going Interiors

Photo by Rikki Snyder

5. Bohemian Chic Bedroom

Photo by Segal & Wilmot Interior Design

6. Hampshire Cottage

Photo by Chris Snook

7. Colourful Bohemian Family Home

Photo by Anouska Tamony Designs

8. John Lewis New Bohemian Bedroom

Photo by John Lewis

9. Modern Boho in Denver

Photo by Stafford Bensen

10. Edgecliff

Photo by The Here Company

11. Robinson

Photo by The Here Company

12. Catalina Estrada

Photo by Catalina Estrada

13. Modern Zen

Photo by colorado drum coffee tableM. Swabb Decor + Style

14. Annan

Photo by The Here Company

15. Bohemian beach style bedroom

Photo by Gem+Elli

16. Sellwood Library House

Photo by The Works

17. Bohemian Chic Teenage Bedroom

Photo by DM Design Solutions

18. Modern, Newly Built London Property

Photo by Stephen Bennett Photography

19. Bohemian Apartment Boys Room

Photo by Incorporated

20. Cozy meets Clean: Mill Valley, CA

Photo by Seldin Design Studios

21. Ave 63

Photo by The Here Company

22. Hampshire Cottage

Photo by Chris Snook

23. Bohemian Glam Bedroom

Photo by Centered By Design

24. Private Residence

Photo by Hage Creative

25. Contemporary Kids

26. Eclectic Bedroom

27. Wizards Mountain, Byron Bay

Photo by Alida And Miller

28. Bohemian Wall Tapestry

Photo by Gem+Elli

29. Bohemian Style Bedroom

Photo by Liquid Interiors Limited

30. Gambrel Roofed Waterfront Farmhouse

Photo by Christine M Dayton Architect

31. Country house

Photo by Juliette Byrne

32. Bohemian Apartment Girl’s Bedroom

Photo by Incorporated

33. Ave 57

Photo by The Here Company

34. Bohemian Bedroom

Photo by Lauren Bryan Knight

35. Ave 63

Photo by The Here Company

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