20+ Awesome Bathroom Decor Ideas To Inspire You

After years of use, finally, you are tired with the dated bathroom and want some changes. The bathroom is undoubtedly the most expensive and challenging room to decorate in the house, only second to the kitchen.

If splurging a rain shower, installing marble tile, or acquire luxurious claw foot tub is not in the list, there are still plenty of ways to give your bathroom an exclusive look.

Bathroom upgrade should include some elements such as lighting, wall, mirror, and so on. Pick the right lighting, wall color, and add some accessories to take the bathroom décor to another level.

You can also apply a theme to the bathroom such as modern-look bathroom, vintage style, or even the combination. Choosing the right theme for the bathroom will help you choose the elements to upgrade easily. Here are some bathroom décor ideas that you can try.

Level Up The Bathroom Wall

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The first element that you can change when decorating a bathroom is the wall. Play the bathroom wall to the next level using either wallpaper or paint. The difference between bathroom wallpaper and paint is the cost.

Bathroom wallpaper is costly and installation can be time-consuming. But the hard work is paid off with the beautiful look of the bathroom wall. If your budget is tight, you can apply only a roll or two wallpapers and use it only for some side of the bathroom.

For a cheaper alternative, you can paint the wall for some drastic transformation. The traditional option for the bathroom is glossy paint to combat moisture. But you can also ask the paint shop to add some matte paint to prevent the wall from mildewing.

You can also paint the shelves and cabinet with semi-gloss or eggshell paint with matching or contrast color with the wall.

For house rent in which the homeowner does not allow you to repaint the wall, you can also apply peel and stick vinyl. This kind of vinyl also stands against moisture and has various pattern and colors. The good thing of vinyl wallpaper is this wallpaper is removable which makes bathroom decorating ultra-easy.

Add Some Green Elements

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Gorgeous green is an inexpensive, easy, and also perfect way to add some color to the bathroom. Besides, plants add texture and fresh feeling to the room. For some green decoration, you do not necessarily need to buy a new plant. Simply take a plant or flower of your favorite from the garden, put in in an eye-catching vase, and place it in the bathroom.

Whether choosing a real plant or the faux one, the most important thing is the placement. Make sure you choose the right spot for the plant such as the floor, on the vanity, or even hang it on the wall.

Do Not Forget The Rug

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Dirty bath mat makes the bathroom looks awful. It is important to regularly replace the bath mat or rug. But, if you want to take bathroom decoration to another level, do not afraid to play with various kind of bath mat. Unique bath mat speaks of personality and creates sophistication to the bathroom.

Glass Illusion

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No matter the size of the bathroom, the glass element is always a perfect way to create a luxurious look of the bathroom. The glass elements create an elegant style and become a décor statement.

You can choose a large vanity mirror for traditional accents. Another glass illusion idea is using two smaller mirrors for him and her. Adding a large glass window is also a good idea to add some natural light for the bathroom.

Leave Out The Ordinary Lighting

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Among other bathroom elements, lighting is the key elements. Extraordinary bathroom lighting makes a big difference to the whole decoration. Instead of the ordinary lightbulb, you can choose some fancy lighting such as hanging pendants and light bars.

Electrical engineering should be done by professional, but you can also DIY-ing the bathroom lighting with some guidance.

Decorative Towel

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When it comes to the bathroom, most of us always take a bathroom towel for granted. Most people will only throw the towel in shelves and that is it. However, you can also fold the towel into some fancy shape and makes it part of the bathroom decoration.

Do not hesitate to use a fancy colored or patterned towel if it is matched with the bathroom design.

Flair For Mirror Hanging

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The mirror is an important element of every bathroom. But instead of attaching it to the wall like you used to do, you can try hanging it on the flair. Choose a big round mirror and hang it using a flair. This type of mirror can be easily found in a flea market or you can simply make one.

Pay Attention To Hangers

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Bathroom easily looks messy especially when there is no specific place to hang towels or robes. It can be worse if you just toss it on the floor. That is why when decorating a bathroom, you need to carefully think of the hanging place. Choose the space to attach a hook or two, so you can easily hang the bathrobe or towel.

Do Not Afraid Of Fun Shower Curtain

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If all this time you only use a plain white shower curtain, now it is the time to upgrade to some fun and colorful shower curtain. You can choose printed or pattern shower curtain which matches with the bathroom decoration.

Add Some Vintage Stuff

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Adding some elements that you never thought such as vintage stuff is also a great idea for bathroom decoration. It gives a little kick of adventure and risk-taking for bathroom décor. Some vintage stuff will definitely become a bold statement to the bathroom.

Sliding Door Bathroom

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A traditional door that swings inward eliminates the amount of usable space in the bathroom. You can swap the swing door with a simple sliding door. Convert the conventional door into a barn-style sliding door.

This will require you to tearing out a portion of the wall. If this option is not available, you can simply flip the bathroom door, so, it will swing in the opposite direction.

Consider Adding Art

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Adding artwork is an instant way to decorate the bathroom. You can simply hang an eye-catching artwork on a wall The artwork is a great way to distract the eye from ugly bathroom decoration.

Treated canvas prints are a good choice because it is affordable and most importantly, water resistant. You can choose oversized art for the best proportion and creates a unique look. Thus, there is no need to stare at a blank wall in the bathroom.

Choose Perfect Shelves

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Bathroom, small or big, should have a perfect shelf. Practical shelves help to organize towels, soap, and such. You can install a mounted medicine cabinet for extra storage. But if you have a small bathroom, the floating shelves provide more storage while becomes an addition to the decoration.

Gold Treatment For Bathroom

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Gold always gives a luxurious look. Even though you do not have a luxurious marble bathroom, add some gold accent brings the bathroom to the next level. Gold accents make everything look glamorous from the golden faucet to the glitzy shower rod.

This type of elements are widely available in the market, so, there should be no problem to add some gold accent to the bathroom.

Redecorate Existing Tile

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Replacing bathroom tile gives you so much work and it is also not a cheap option. But if the bathroom tile appears boring and there is nothing much you can do, you can try to redecorate existing tile. You can apply removable adhesive to cover the old tile.

Adhesive tile is very easy to cut and installing it is a piece of cake. Yet, adhesive tile makes the bathroom tike looks like a real deal. You can also remove it anytime without damaging the original bathroom time when you want to apply another adhesive tile.

Upgrade The Hardware

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No, wear not talking about a laptop or other gadgets, but seriously, you need to upgrade the hardware in the bathroom. Upgrading the bathroom hardware is a simple way to decorate the room. It involves changing the old bathroom elements such as towel bars, drawer pull, faucet, toilet paper holder, and so on.

The difficulty level for upgrading bathroom towel ranges from easy to difficult. To keep everything easy, make sure to replace the old elements with the exact size of the screw hole spacing. This means fewer holes to make or hide in the wall and cabinet.

Maximize Storage

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Decluttering bathroom is a surprising way to obtain a fresh look for the room. Most people work hard with limited space in the bathroom. If you are one of them, make sure to improve the existing storage and ditch unused things in the bathroom.

You can add a pull-out drawer, install floating shelves, add a cabinet, or simply put some wall mounted basket.

Pamper Zone

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Almost all high-end bathroom is equipped with some sort of seating. You can also add some garden stool, ottoman, or carved armchair into the bathroom. Adding a pamper zone with some seating is not only makes the décor looks expensive but also makes the bathroom feels grand.

You can also use this pamper spot to do some pedicure instead of doing it on the toilet seat.

Try New Hue

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Something decorating a room is as simple as changing a new hue. Creams or whites are often the default color for the bathroom wall. Even though there is nothing wrong with the neutral color, but if you are looking for something more, try different hues.

Paint the bathroom wall in your favorite color to add some personality to the décor. If you have a small size bathroom, you can do the job on your own.

If you have a big bare wall and do not know what to do with it, you can simply turn it into a focal point using stick floor tile or removable peel tile. Choose the tile with a unique pattern such as fake rustic accent wall to make a big change in the bathroom.

If it is possible, you can also install a reclaimed wood to create the rustic look.

Maximize Odd Spot

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The bathroom often comes with some quirks spot regardless of its size. Many people try hard to hide the odd spot in the bathroom because they feel it does not go well with the décor. Instead of hiding the spot, you can embrace it.

Create an artistic vignette in the quirk spot and enhance its look. You can also place a plant or other object to make the spot becomes part of the room. The quirk spot can also be used to display your collection of candles or vase.

Even though it is a small quirk spot, every detail counts in the bathroom decoration.

Level Up The Wastebasket

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Plastic wastebasket may not a good choice for a bathroom. It mostly makes the bathroom somehow looks cheap. Instead of the wastebasket, you can level up the wastebasket option.

You can choose a wastebasket that matches with the bathroom fixture. But you can also go bold by choosing a statement wastebasket.

Bathroom Knobs And Pulls

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As aforementioned, changing bathroom hardware really makes a difference in the decoration. Changing the bathroom pulls and knobs is an easy step to the bathroom decoration. It is adjustable to anyone’s budget and very easy to do.

You can also apply this method to any pulls and knobs in the house and see the change it is made.

Touch Of Brass

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Copper and brass are everywhere lately. This is a good option if the gold accent is not your thing but you still want to make the bathroom looks glamorous. Brass is different from chrome but it can level up any elements from the average look.

You do not need to replace the entire elements in the bathroom, but a magnifying mirror, a new little jar, or soap dish might do the trick.

Black Fixture For A Modern Touch

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If white is the original color of the bathroom wall and there is no chance to change it, you can simply add black fixtures. A dramatic contrast to the white bathroom all creates a bold statement. Plus, the monochromatic black and white is a timeless choice for a bathroom.

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