35 Amazing Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Inspiration Ideas

Farmhouse Bedroom Decor – Everybody wants to live in a beautiful house with good design and décor. If you want to live in a beautiful, perfect house, you have to build a new house, or you can renovate your existing house to a new house of your dream.

Home renovation is a big project that will require not only significant amount of money but also require proper planning and preparation. Renovating a farmhouse is not an easy task. This particular type of house needs detail attention for almost any part of the house. This is true especially if you like to have beautiful and stylish farmhouse that you like.

Before you start your renovation project, you have to check your house insulation system. Most farmhouses are built in the year of 1940s or 1950s. The house that built during those years usually has a poor insulation system.

In this case, you have to check and renovate them if needed. The purpose of farmhouse renovation is not only for living comfort but also to increase your house value. This is very important to know as you will spend a significant amount of money on a home renovation project.

Farmhouse Renovation Tips

  • For a successful home renovation or remodelling you have to start with proper preparation. You have to find a professional to help you to determine what things to be done and how much it will cost
  • Find the right engineer or architect to inspect and investigate a house state and condition. In this case, they will give some professional advice based on their house condition found.
  • Budget preparation. If you have a limited budget, you have to discuss with your team to prioritize work that needs to be done.

Farmhouse Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Most farmhouse bedrooms, for example, are usually in an old stage that requires a lot of attention. Depend on your bedroom state; you may need to rebuild your bedroom a whole, or you can buy it a new one.

When it comes to farmhouse decoration, you can choose a wide range of farmhouse look. You don’t have to live in a village or a farm to have a farmhouse style. You just need to make your home more casual, warmer and nod to tradition. For farmhouse bedroom décor, here are some tips that you have to consider:

Curtain for bedroom

Never use a curtain for farmhouse bedroom but use blind instead. Blind is not only easy to use but also making your bedroom more spacious and tidier. It is true that blind is not the main feature in most farmhouse bedroom, but it is fine to combine traditional and modern items in your farmhouse décor.

Bedroom with sitting area

If you have large size farmhouse, you will be likely to have a large size of the bedroom. In this case, you can place some furniture to make your bedroom as a private sitting area.

Mix and Match

Beautiful farmhouse bedroom design doesn’t have to be tight. In fact, you can add a modern design chair or antique furniture of your choice. Nowadays, more and more farmhouse owner combines traditional furniture with modern furniture style to their bedroom.

Use Soft Material

If you want to create a warm and cozy environment, you can use a soft material for your bedroom. Try to lay a soft carpet and an upholstered armchair to enhance coziness to the room.

White Bedroom

White bedroom is beautiful. To achieve e beautiful white room you can have your wall painted with white color. This should be combined with white need and bedding as well as any decoration and ornament to the room. White farmhouse bedroom makes your room more spacious and inviting. Additionally, white farmhouse bedroom room looks more spacious.

Farmhouse bedroom with fireplace

A fireplace is not only a functional but also a beautiful ornament for farmhouse bedroom decor. This is a wonderful decoration that makes your bedroom attractive and warmer. If you don’t have a furnace in your bedroom and you want one, you can install a modern furnace that widely available in the market. This kind of fireplace is easy to install and produce no ashes or flame. In fact, there are many homeowners install modern fireplace to their bedroom.

Beautiful quilts

Beautiful farmhouse bedroom decoration is always going well with the quilt. This is like peanut butter and jelly. To get a vintage quilt you can buy it from an antique mall or you can, but you can also buy it a new quilt that appears to be old. One of the A typical farmhouse bedroom features is a quilt lay over the bedspread.

Repurpose Item for Headboard

For unique bedroom appearance, you can use repurpose items like a rustic wood for your headboard. Repurpose items like rustic wood are widely utilized in farmhouse bedroom decor.

Full-length Mirror

Every bedroom needs a full-length of a mirror and so for your farmhouse bedroom. Full-length of a mirror is not only functional but also make our bedroom look more spacious than actually is. However, for the best farmhouse bedroom look, you have to choose a full-length mirror with rustic and vintage frame. The mirror makes your bedroom looks elegant. Additionally, this also will make your room looks natural.

Choose a simple wood frame platform bed

To achieve better a farmhouse aesthetic you can choose a simple wood frame platform bed. This kind of bed frame will create a subtle vintage and rustic vibe that is going well with farmhouse bedroom décor.

Textured Oversize woven basket

If you are looking for farmhouse bedroom storage inspiration, you may need to have a textured oversize woven basket. This kind of basket is a functional as you can store blanket, shoes or clothes. Moreover, the color and texture of the basket goes very well with beautiful farmhouse bedroom décor that you are going to achieve.

Beautiful farmhouse bedroom can be achieved in many ways. I hope that our discussion on Farmhouse Bedroom Décor will help you to create a beautiful farmhouse bedroom that you dream off.

Amazing Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Inspiration Ideas

1. Master Bedroom Farmhouse

Master Bedroom

Photo by LMK Interiors

2. Alexander Valley View


3. Mill Valley Bungalow

Photo by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

4. Hamptons Meadow Compound
Photo by Hamptons Meadow Compound

5. Woodview Residence

Photo by Mezger Homes

6. Modern Farmhouse

Photo by Red Door Homes, Inc

7. Hancock House

Photo by 9 square studio

8. West Falmouth Residence

Photo by C.H. Newton Builders, Inc

9. Napa – Third Street Farmhouse

Photo by zero ten design

10. 1880 Farmhouse

Photo by Art Home Garden

11. Keim Mountain House

Photo by Lucy and Company

12. American Farmhouse – Master Bedroom

Photo by Scott Wilson Architect, LLC

13. Full Farmhouse Remodel

Photo by Black & White Interiors

14. Modern Farmhouse

Photo by Delano Architecture

15. Island Creek Getaway


16. Texas Craftsman

Photo by Carey Dodson

17. Christine Pirot-Hebras

Photo by germain suignard photographe Presse / Publicité

18. Guest House

Photo by Paragon Custom Builders

19. Master Bedroom in 300 Year Old Farmhouse

Photo by Danziger Design LLC

20. Beekman Creek Ranch

Photo by Todd Glowka Builder, Inc.

21. St. Helena Residence

Photo by Jennifer Robin Interiors

22. Windemere Renovation

Photo by Glenda Meads Architects

23. Woods at Burberry Glen

Photo by C.M.S Interiors

24. Sims Hilditch, Cotswold

Photo by Sims Hilditch

25. Hamptons Meadow Com

Photo by Hamptons Meadow Compound

Photo by arson architecture works pllc

26. Country Estate

Photo by Richard Harp

27. Hayley Simmons

Photo by Caroline Sharpnack

28. Waterloo Estates

Photo by Crescent Homes

29. Somerset Cottage

Photo by Nicola O’Mara Interior Design

30. The Little House

Photo by Reclaimed Space

31. 2 Story Modern Craftsman

Photo by Holly & Associates, Inc

32. Lake View House

Photo by JLF & Associates, Inc

33. Farmhouse Chic

Photo by Alicia Zupan for Ethan Allen

34. Haiku Maui Compound

Photo by Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio

35. Sonoma Vacation Home

Photo by Liftec Media


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