35 Awesome Accent Wall Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

Accent Wall Ideas – In the decorative industry, accent walls are a popular way to highlight a certain part of the wall. It is a great method if you want to create a focal point of the room, so, it will stand out more than the rest. Accent walls are very popular as it is very versatile and flexible since it is completely a personal choice.

There is no exact rule on how you should make the accent walls. Just release your inner artist soul when creating accent walls. You can put the accent walls in any room in the house that you prefer.

Creating accent walls also do not have to be expensive. There are tons of DIY guides that you can follow to make a beautiful accent wall. You do not need to spend a huge budget to create an outstanding custom accent wall but there is also no need to stick on the ‘one red wall’ style from decades ago. Here are some Accent Wall Ideas that can actually accentuate your wall in a friendly-level budget.

Helpful Tips for Creating an Accent Wall

The accent wall is more than just paint

Before heading to the ideas, you have to remember that accent wall is more than just paint. You can combine other architectural elements such as artwork, tiles, fabric, wallpaper, and so on. The only rule to remember is that accent walls should accentuate the wall and make it a focal point in the room.

However, when you are creating an accent wall, it is important to also consider other wall colors. Most accent walls will look good when it is in contrast or in a lighter tone of the rest of the wall color. The too strong contrast will make the room look very modern but you can also balance the color with a neutral color to make it appear beautifully.

Be bold

When creating accent walls, do not be scared to go bold. Bold colors are great Accent Wall Ideas because it highlights the wall without making it too strong or overpowering. The trick to going bold is to choose a solid-color of wallpaper or paint to accentuate the color or pattern in the room.

You can also use single bold-color accent wall by choosing a bold but different color that still goes well with the rest of the design in the room. For example, want to use a bright crimson shade for the wall but realize that such color is far too bold if it is used for an entire room. So, you can simply use the color to accentuate a certain part by using it as an accent wall.

Be creative with texture and pattern

If you do not want to go with a plain bold paint, you can also choose texture and pattern. Those two elements make a big alteration to the room. You can choose tiles or brick to add some texture to the wall.

Another method is to use a stencil to create a pattern in the accent wall. Use a stencil with a unique pattern and choose the right color, and you can get a stunning accent wall. Well, it does not have to be a big color contrast to create a dramatic accent wall, but only simple changes will do it best.

Try mural

Accent Wall Ideas are a great way to release your inner artist soul. If you want something different than plain bold color or pattern, you can try mural. Adding mural is a great way to include your personality into the house in a chic way.

You can purchase a ready-to-attach mural in a home retailer or request for a custom made to fit your personality. For example, if you are a traveler, you can use a map mural as an accent wall. For photographers buddy, you can use the accent wall to put up your favorite work for endless inspiration.

Choose darker shade for classic

If plain colors Accent Wall Ideas are your thing, you can choose a darker shade for a classic look. You can look other existing objects in the room for inspiration, for example, dark green wall to resemble houseplants or black accent wall is also a popular choice when paired with bright or colorful paint.

Temporary wallpaper is great

Accent wall only takes a small portion of space in the room to receive special treatment and make it a focal point. Some walls may already become a focal point with other things such as a fireplace, wide-screen TV, and other dominant furniture. Other great ideas to create an accent wall is by adding temporary wallpaper. This method is a massive trend and also budget-friendly.

Temporary wallpaper creates a stylish look and you can replace it anytime you want. The best space to use temporary wallpaper is where a room lacks architectural or furniture features. You can choose vertical stripes to create the illusion of a larger room. This is also a cheap and easy way to add pattern to the accent wall.

Chalkboard wall to release your inner artist soul

Chalkboard is also a versatile accent wall. It encourages creativity and also gives children space for doodling. Chalkboard as accent wall is really popular because it is affordable and available in various colors – in case, you do not want to get the black one -.

You can put the chalkboard accent wall in the middle of the room to showcase the drawings. It is also a great idea to put the chalkboard accent wall in the kitchen, so you can easily include a grocery list or calendar on it. The best part or chalkboard accent wall is you can simply swipe the drawing and draw the something new and voila, you get a new decoration.

When using accent wall ideas, the best thing is to maximize the focal point feature. For example, if you choose a pattern, make sure it stands out to make the accent wall. In addition, you also need to consider the presence of furniture and other architectural features which may already occupy the room. You want to accentuate the room without making it feels stuffed for some reasons.

Awesome Accent Wall Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

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Photo by OC Stone Decor Inc.

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Photo by General Assembly

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Photo by Mark English Architects, AIA

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11. House at prines rethymno


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24. SOUTH COOGEE – House


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